When you're looking for a financially stable organization that is easy to do business with, choose one with a history of being both.

Since 1892, Assurant Health's member companies have provided health insurance to individuals, families and small businesses.

We focus on giving you innovative and affordable options – as well as the freedom to choose your preferred health care providers.


Starting Point Financial is part of a national organization representing more that 40 insurance and annuity carriers and doing business in all 50 states. Starting Point offers customer care through unique concepts, benefits and features. We specialize in Life Insurance, Annuities, 401k Rollovers, Retirement Planning and Health Insurance.

Starting Point can help make it easier for you to find quality health insurance coverage by offering you benefit programs that combine low monthly premiums, nationwide coverage, and ease of enrollment.

We have been able to help:

• Small business owners
• Sole proprietors
• Independent contractors
• 1099 workers
• Part-time Workers
• Recent College Graduates
• Guaranteed Issue - For Individuals Who Can't Qualify For Traditional Coverage
• Those who just can't afford traditional coverage

We are FULL SERVICE, NO CHARGE and we can save you money and find you money, and here's what that means...

We're full service because you make one call to us and we handle everything!
Our hours are 9 - 9 Monday through Friday, but we can be reached 24/7.

We're no charge because we are built into the premium. You see it makes no difference if you buy from us or direct from the health insurance company, the PREMIUMS are the same. However, we'll show you by the numbers what plan makes the most sense.
We are educator's not sales people.

And... we'll find you money because we are experts at handling claims. It's amazing how many times we see Dr.'s and hospitals "double dip." You see with us you don't pay claims until we review them first. We make sure you only pay the contracted rate, and we'll save you money with lower premiums!


We have access to every company out there but we only represent the major companies like Blue Cross, United, Aetna and Assurant, so heaven forbid if you ever need a major medical claim paid you can count on it because you went with a proven company, and our job is to find the most affordable premium for you.



It doesn't matter what your
Health Condition is.

We have a plan for you.